The International School of the Peninsula (ISTP) celebrated a year of milestones during the 2018-2019 academic year, including an unprecedented amount raised for our endowment fund!
These milestones were the cumulation of years of working on celebrating our community and philanthropy. ISTP is deeply grateful to all the donors, volunteers, and supporters who made these achievements possible.

Annual Fund


More than 40 parent and teacher volunteers took on the responsibility of peer to peer fundraising in their child’s class. 10 took on the task for the first time, and 3 champions had over 10 years experience each. While acting as a champion isn’t always the most glamorous volunteer job opportunity, it can be said to have the largest ROI (Return on Investment) on their volunteering time.


The Annual Fund campaign started September 6, 2018, and finished on June 30th, 2019. 361 donors gave to their maximum of their ability.
To see the full campaign and the complete list of donors:



Each year, the International School of the Peninsula hosts an elegant wine auction, otherwise known as Soirée du Vin. 2018 marked the event's 13th year of raising funds for the school's Charlotte de Géry Endowment Campaign.

Thanks to the hard work of the Soirée du Vin Steering Committee, comprised of 12 parents alonside ISTP's own Head of School, Philippe Dietz, the evening was able to raise $90,028 in one evening. 

A special-thank you goes to winemaker, former ISTP parent, and Soirée du Vin's guest speaker, Jean-Noel Formeaux, for his entertaining and rousing speech, which set a lively and exuberant tone for the rest of the auction.


What an incredible night! Many guests came to enjoy the evening's special tasting hour with 7 guest wineries (who came as far south as Santa Barbara and as far north as Napa) and wine-paired dinner, and left with 31 lots of outstanding wines and one-of-a-kind experiences. 

28 donors came together to contribute to our live auction lots, including a lot offered by Jean-Noel Formeaux, the evening's Guest Speaker. Jean-Noel generously "doubled" (offered another of the same lot) his lot and in one swoop, single-handedly raised $20,000 for ISTP's Charlotte de Géry Endowment Fund.

ISTP also wishes to thank the 35 donors to our Fund-the-Future and the 33 winning bidders of the evening.


The School's 2016-2021 Strategic Plan includes a goal to raise $6Million for the Charlotte de Géry Endowment Fund. The $90,028 raised at Soirée Du Vin goes towards this goal. Please view the distribution source of revenue graph.
To read more about the event, please visit:



The International School of the Peninsula celebrated its 40th anniversary with a spectacular Annual Gala and Auction, aptly themed as the "Ruby Celebration."

Parent volunteers, Courtney B. and Shirley C. helmed the event as co-chairs, and gathered a team of over 60 additional volunteers to help make the event a success. Their team solicited donations, provided live entertainment, spotted bids during the event, decorated the gorgeous ballroom at the Hotel Nia, and offered a tremendous amount of support!

We are grateful to Courtney, Shirley, and everyone who had a hand in pulling together this memorable "Ruby Celebration!"



With the help of generous donors, bidders, and volunteers the event raised $305,000, including $124,750 for Fund-a-Need.
To read more about the event, please visit:



Ouliana B.
Renee B.
Jack C.
Patricia C.
Philippe D.
Lisa M.
Sujata N.
Eric O'B.


72 donors this year.
$719,916 increase in donations.
Total Value:  $5,351,241 (as of June 30, 2019)
Supports Faculty, Technology, and Environmental Programs. Named after our school’s founder, the Charlotte de Géry Endowment Fund is dedicated towards her vision for the bilingual and bicultural student of the 21st century. Contributions to the Charlotte de Géry Endowment Fund are unrestricted funds and are used to build a strong financial foundation for our school.
45 Alumni, Alumni Parents Families, and Friends contributed $10,053 through the 100 Days Campaign. 
Visit for more info.


15 Donors this year.
$60,651 increase this year.
Total Value: $328,320 (as of June 30, 2019)
Provides financial assistance to families. Financial Aid Endowment will support our Financial Aid pool, which will help families who would otherwise not be able to pay the full cost of their children’s education. All 8th grade departing families are asked to give to this fund, in lieu of the Annual Fund.


19 Donors this year.
$39,615 increase this year.
Total Value: $57,831 (as of June 30, 2019)
Provides financial awards to select students who meet stipulated criteria. The Opportunity Scholarship will be awarded to a new student entering ISTP’s Early Years Center who would otherwise be financially unable to receive a bilingual education. Once awarded, the Opportunity Scholarship will follow the child through their time at ISTP, as long as there is a need. This long-term investment will not only change the life of a student, who would otherwise not have the resources to earn a bilingual education, but also the student’s family, and the ISTP community.

Contributions to the Opportunity Scholarship Endowment are restricted funds and are used only for scholarship opportunities for ISTP students.


1 Donor this year.
$1,500 increase this year.
Total Value: $66,427 (as of June 30, 2019)
Provides for Visual and Performing Arts. While other schools are cutting their arts programs, we wish to continue to provide our students with the opportunity to look inward and express themselves through creative avenues.
Contributions to the Arts Endowment are restricted funds and are used only to enhance the arts education program of ISTP students.


Total Value: $144,423 (as of June 30, 2019)
The Arthur B. Francis Memorial Scholarship Fund was created in loving memory of alumni parent Sabrina H.’s father, Arthur. Sabrina’s family established the scholarship fund in 2013 to assist in the retention of current ISTP students from elementary into middle school. Arthur’s belief of cultural immersion continues to live on by supporting one student each year.
    • This year’s recipient is Middle School student Neige G.


Per the 2016-2021 Strategic Plan, ISTP targets to grow the endowment fund from $3Million to $6Million through direct gifts and planned giving. Once the $6Million goal is reached, ISTP will begin to use fund income for key strategic objectives.



Jeremy Rossmann was the 2019 recipient of the ISTP Rising Star Alumni Award. The award is given to those who make a difference within their industry.

To learn more about Jeremy and his commitment to Make School, visit our blog.


The Mindy Williams Lifetime Volunteer Achievement Award was created in 2006 in honor of our “super-volunteer” Alumni Parent, Mindy Williams, to recognize and thank INTL volunteers who have given of themselves above and beyond the norm.

Each year one (or two) volunteers are recognized for their selfless dedication and commitment to making INTL a better place for our students and community.

2006-2007 – Lynette P.
2007-2008 – Linda H.
2008-2009 – Paru Y.
2009-2010 – Marvin B.
2010-2011 – Veronique M. & Vince F.
2011-2012 – Debbie C. & Rebecca G.
2012-2013 – Cee B.F.
2013-2014 – Kristin L.
2014-2015 – Jessica Y.
2015-2016 – Leslie D.
2016-2017 – Gary M. & Terri K.
2017-2018 – Sophie B.
2018-2019 – Tania H.
2019-2020 – Linda W.

We deeply thank 2019-2020 recipient Linda W., who continues to support INTL by chairing the Red Carpet Mentoring program, serving on the Soirée du Vin Wine Auction committee, and Co-Chairing the Gala Online Auction. 
    • Mindy Williams Award


Over 350 volunteers contributed more than 20 hours of time.


The school continued to contribute to its operating reserves, building towards its strategic goal and positioning itself for a sustainable future.
The school’s investments experienced severe market fluctuations throughout the year, although ended the year with positive net earnings in both the Endowment and Operating Reserve.
The school generated unrestricted cash surplus of approximately $614,000 due primarily to higher than budgeted enrollment and stellar fundraising efforts during the year. These surplus funds will provide us the ability to cover some of the extraordinary expenses anticipated due to Covid-19.
The 2019-2020 financial statements of Silicon Valley International School (formerly known as International School of the Peninsula) were audited by Armanino LLP, independent Certified Public Accountants.

Complete financial statements are available upon request from the school’s Chief Financial Officer, Diane Morris.
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